Reassuring the Quality and Security of Web-Mobile based POS System

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The client is a leading software service provider in UK who provides powerful web-based POS Systems (Point of Sale Systems). In addition to their web-based policy, they have launched native and web-based mobile applications. As per the client requirements, proper performance and security testing procedures were adopted for ensuring adequate standards as per the market regulations.

Product Overview

The basic idea of the product is to provide the best in class online shopping experience along with security of online payments through a deployed payment gateway .

The developed product covered the following functionalities:

  • User authentication – Unique login for each user
  • Add product to cart and check out (via Citrus)
  • Send gifts to your family and friends
  • Hassle-free ordering
  • Eliminating waiting time in queues
  • Flexible payment options
  • Secured payment
  • Linking with users on Facebook

Product Challenges


Wide Variety of Mobile Devices

  • The major issue that the testing team witnessed while performing diverse testing procedures was the availability of more than 18K mobile devices.
  • These devices differ in screen size, performance levels, shapes and sizes, and hardware capabilities.
  • Device fragmentation was a big challenge during this application testing.

Several Mobile Data Connections

  • The different standard for mobile data connection (edge, 3G, 4G) as well as for Wi-Fi caused several glitches.
  • Sometimes there might be no connection or network available at all or the device is in flight mode.
  • Different mobile data connection coverage was also a major challenge for us to make the application compatible.

Frequent Changes

  • Continuous changes in the app based on reviews & feedbacks to deliver rich user experience.
  • These are big challenges in mobile application development for both developers & testers.
  • Our client was so frequent about the change in application after getting reviews and suggestion by users.

Tight Deadlines

  • Application delivery was pushing traditional delivery approaches to the breaking point.
  • The team was being asked to produce value in weeks instead of months.
  • Agile methodologies need fast iterations but testing delays were becoming a bottleneck.


Security of a mobile app is required to check the encryption/ decryption techniques used for the critical data communication over the app. Recent research from Arxan(An American technology company specialize in anti-tamper and digital rights management (DRM) for IoT, mobile, and other applications.) says:

  • 100% of the top 100 paid apps on the Google Android platform had been hacked.
  • 56% of the top 100 paid apps for Apple iOS had been hacked
  • 73% of popular free apps on Android had been hacked
  • 53% of popular free apps on Apple iOS had been hacked

Ensuring security of the mobile application was also a crucial part of our job in this project.

Our Offerings For The Case: Security Testing Services Web Testing Services


Product Solutions


Used Wide Variety of Mobile Devices Via Labs

  • We used our innovative device lab as well as we used device lab of other service providers to cover maximum variety of devices.
  • Since software testers can access devices from different locations, device sharing always more practical and return output as intended.

Efficiently Used Different Mobile Data Connections

  • With the use of device emulators plus an operator’s web or test proxy that avoids airtime charges and continues the testing procedure with an instrumented test stack.
  • Cloud-based network test services provide us the most realistic testing scenarios. We involved many cloud-based device testing services including remote carrier coverage.

Smoothly Tackled Frequent Changes

  • Firstly we identified and collect the detailed client needs with thorough requirement analysis.
  • After that freeze the scope of new change requests and a borderline to limit these unexpected changes, mutually agreeing with the client.

Milestone Delivery Schedule For Tight Deadlines

  • To overcome this challenge we decided to break the deliverables into parts and the milestones were divided into small internal sprints.
  • The reason for the same is, if the time comes to deliver then we have something in hand completed to deliver to the client, and pendency could be covered before next sprint delivery.

Secure Data With Quick Sight

  • Preventing Data Theft and Leakage: For security check, we kept quick-sight on all the input and the data that is being posted on to the server in the application.
  • When mobile applications access insecure data, documents and unstructured information stored on the device then the potential for data loss is heightened.
  • To decrease this risk we identified all loopholes of the application by deeply scanning functional process.

Tools And Technology We Used

  • Cucumber: For acceptance tests for functional validation
  • Appium: For testing iOS hybrid mobile application testing
  • Selendroid: For testing android native and hybrid applications
  • Different iOS & Android OS versions and devices: A number of iOS and Android devices with different operating system versions were used for testing.
  • Security: Adequate tests were performed to analyze any security breach in the application.

Client Benefits

  • The products were delivered before time within the budget allocated.
  • The client was fully satisfied with the services, proactive communication and effective documentation process of our company and also promised to work on another project in the future.

The following are the key attainments we added to our quality services:

  • Launched on multiple OS within time and budget.
  • Savings of costs by 60% due to the extensive use of automation tools.
  • The bugraptors team worked like a product partner with the client to ensure the quality of the product and increased the quality expectations of the client.
  • Delivered the high-quality application with dedicated mobile testing lab.
  • Performed testing on various platforms made the client assured of application’s robust performance.

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